Rodents Control
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About Rats
  • 3main types: Brown Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse.
  • One pair of rodents can give rise to about 2,000 in one year.
  • A young mouse can enter a building through a gap 1cm square with ease.
Problems Caused by Rats
  • They eat food and contaminate it with urine and excrement.
  • They gnaw into materials such as paper, books, wood, plastic,soft metals and wiring which may cause fire hazard.
  • They spread many diseases.
Control Method
  • Rodenticide baiting at a strategic position, i.e along rat runways.
  • Traps and Glue-boards and affected areas disinfected.
  • Sanitation and Elimination of hiding places.
  • Tempered Rat Bait Station will be installat surrounding Premises to prevent rat enter to building.


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